Diverticulitis is condition that stems from inflammation of diverticula. Diverticular disease is a very common today. Prevention of diverticular disease is through diets high in fiber, physical activity, and avoiding foods such as nuts, popcorn, and seeds. When uncomplicated diverticulitis forms, the treatment is antibiotics, a clear liquid diet and often times stool softeners.

After several attacks of uncomplicated diverticulitis, we would recommend an elective partial colectomy to prevent further attacks. In cases of complicated diverticulitis, hospitalization is often required with intravenous antibiotics. The goal is to cool down the inflammatory process, and hopefully perform an elective partial colectomy and avoid a colostomy. There are times when a colostomy cannot be avoided(i.e. free rupture, severe diverticulitis and peritonitis that doesn’t respond to antibiotics).

Walnut Creek Surgical Associates perform all the techniques for resection of diverticulitis including laparoscopic colectomy, and open techniques.

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