I feel privileged to be practicing medicine. The idea of being a part of a profession focused on helping others regardless of ethnicity, religion or race was a very powerful draw for me. As a melanoma and head and neck cancer surgeon, it is particularly rewarding being able to help my patients get through these challenging diseases.
— Dr. Mohebati

Arash Mohebati, MD, FACS

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Patient Reviews

The surgical staff was amazing. They were efficient, friendly and thorough. My surgery went smoothly and I was given plenty of time to recover before my discharge. Thank you very much!!

The experience with Dr. Mohebati was assuring, I felt I was in the right hands. The operation went as smoothly as it could be. Dr. Mohebati very skillfully and precisely removed the cyst. I had practically no pain afterwards and did not need pain medication. The wound healed beautifully. I thank Dr. Mohebati for his excellent surgical skills and nice personality.

Dr. Mohebati was wonderful and we were particularly impressed how little scarring shows on my face!