By becoming a surgeon, I knew I could have an immediate and positive impact on patients with serious problems. Being a doctor is the ultimate opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. Little did I know how much it would give back to me.
— Dr. Young

Steven M. Young, MD, FACS

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Patient Reviews

Dr. Young embodies everything a great doctor should be...wonderful bedside manner, knowledgeable and caring. He also listened... many doctors talk over you. I had a prior not so good experience with another doctor who did not believe what I had. Dr. Young listened to me. One of the best!

My experience with Dr. Young was incredible. When I started seeing him regarding a wound on my lower right leg, I was at the end of my rope. To the point of giving up completely. After working with Dr. Young and the way he took care of my wound, all I can say is that I am truly grateful for him. Dr. Young is a great doctor with a great deal of understanding. I would recommend him to whom ever is suffering from any type of wound. Dr. Young, YOU ROCK.

The best thing about this practice is that the phone is answered quickly, and I have never heard a recording! My pet peeve is when you call your doctor and need to make an appointment or ask a question, it is usually almost impossible to get an actual person on the phone or you get a recording saying that they will call you back. That practice is annoying and very frustrating. I have never had any problems calling West Coast Surgical, and the phone is always picked up by a knowledgeable person who is able to help me. Thank you for that!!

I had gallbladder surgery about a month ago and I am doing great!  Super-fast recovery….I can eat anything I want now without pain or discomfort!  I highly recommend Dr. Young.  He is a very talented surgeon and an expert at this minimally invasive, robotic operating techniques.